Wxllspace, a place for artists, muralist and wall owners which are connected through Wxllspace to create something beautiful! 

As a company Wxllspace main requirements were to be easily recognized and represent both sides, Artists and Wall owners. They needed an identity that speaks for itself, something clean and artistic but also with all the symbolisms that represents their name and what they do!

I created something that not only represents them but also looks very unique and beautiful! The mark is created by three main elements, the first one is the rectangle which represents the wall where all the artwork will be created from artists, the second one is the Astronaut which represents the exploring of new worlds and new ideas and the artwork, the last is the color drips and stars which represent the "space" side of the name and the unlimited possibilities!.

After the logo design and branding concepts I made for Wxllspace, we moved to the next stage of creating 3D artwork to visualize their brand! And Ui & Ux for their upcoming website!

Client: Wxllspace

Year: 2021

Role: Branding, Ui & Ux, Development, Iconography,  Art Direction, Illustration

WxllSpace Logo wall
wallspacelogo purple
WxllSpace Logo white
WxllSpace Logo space 04
Wxllspace sketch
Wxllspace Elements
wallspacelogo grid2
Tyepeface Wxllspace 03
Wxllspace Colors 03
WxllSpace Icons2
wxllspace logo versions
Wxllspace Cars23
Wxllspace logo alternative
Wxllspace Cards
Wxllspace Pattern
Wxllspace envelope02

Alternative concept

Wxllspace Second Concept02

Illustrations and art pieces done for WxllSpace

Wxllspace posters Three only
Wxllspace posters Three only v2
Wxllspace posters

Landing page art

WxllSpace Art
WxllSpace Art Final

UI & Ux

Wxllspace Website screens
Wxllspace Second Eight

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