Brand Design

Client: Receur
Year: 2024
Role: Brand Design, lorem ipsum, lorem, ipsum dolor


Behind The Scenes

Receur is at the forefront of revolutionizing biology modeling, pioneering the field of generative biology to simplify complex processes. With a groundbreaking approach in drug development enabling to engineer protein-based treatments like never before.  

Drawing inspiration from the the organic nature of living cells data and artificial intelligence, graphics embody the essence of Receur's innovative spirit. The graphic language will be used as a design system in all Receur visual brand applications.
I did also create different animations, with soft, subtle movements, they reflect the dynamic nature of the work.

The logo, features an abstract letter "R" crafted from the fluidity of human cells, symbolizing connectivity and fluidity in the process.

The color palette is vibrant, innovative, and optimistic and with an UI that reflects the commitment to cutting-edge solutions and user-friendly experiences.


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